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When searching for information on how to do proper planning of your new chicken coop you will come across many different Chicken Coop Designs and blueprints. However, many of them are made by amateurs and some can even be dangerous to your chicken. In my search for a functional and smart Chicken Coop Designs I came across a book called Building A Chicken Coop and it is the best I have read this far on Chicken Coop Designs. I learned a lot from this eBook and below are some short points I hope can help you in the right direction...

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Chicken Coop Designs - What to look for.

One of the hardest decisions you have to make when planning a new chicken coop is often which design to choose  and what kind of chicken coop plans you need. There is a lot of different chicken coop designs to choose from and it is important that you find one that best fit your needs. Building a chicken coop is not free so it is important that you do it right the first time. That being said, building a chicken coop doesn't have to cost a lot either. It all comes down to one thing: Proper Planning!

When planning which design to choose there are a few main factors you need to consider. Below are some guidelines that will help you choose wisely so that you become satisfied and happy once the coop has been built.

Chicken Coop Designs
- Part 1: The Size of The Chicken Coop

Should it be small, medium or a large coop? Depending on how many chickens you wish to accommodate and the size of your backyard you need to decide on the size of your coop. This is maybe the most important factor when choosing your Chicken Coop Designs.

If you want your chicken to be healthy and lay nice big eggs it is important that the chickens have enough space around them. Therefore, do not make the mistake of trying to cram too many chickens into your coop. Make sure you choose a chicken coop design that is according to the amount of chickens you want to keep in your coop. 
It is better to make it too big than too small and it will also make it easier if you want more chickens in the future. The cost will not make too much of a differece either.

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Chicken Coop Designs
- Part 2: Portable or Fixed Chicken Coops?

Portable chicken coops have the benefit of being portable! :) By moving the chicken around your lawn you can give your grass natural fertilisation and you will always have new grass for your chicken to eat and walk on.

A portable chicken coop is also often easier to clean as it can be moved to any location for cleaning.

The drawback however is the limits to size as well as functionality sometimes as the portable chicken coops obviously have to be smaller in size and therefore cannot house a lot of chickens.

A portable chicken coop is also excellent if you just have one or a few chickens and you want to take them with you to your summer house or cabin so you do not need to get a neighbour to feed them while you are away.

Chicken Coop Designs
- Part 3: Protecting Your Chickens

Several predators would fancy a snacky chicken meal so make sure your chicken coop designs take into consideration safety. A very solid fencing system is crucial to keep to keep predators, including cats and dogs, out.

Chicken Coop Designs
- Part 4: Appearance Of The Chicken Coop

Your new chicken coop can be just about as beautiful or as ugly as you want to. A lot will depend on the materials you choose to use which again will be reflected on the overall cost. If you have solid material lying around - use it! If you can afford to buy top notch parts at your local hard-ware store you can also do that but just remember that a cheap chicken coop might be just as nice as an expensive one.

When choosing yout design just make sure your chicken get sufficient lighting, good ventilation and proper insulation during cold months of the year. Also, have big doors to make cleaning as easy as possible.

Good planning is Alpha & Omega when building your chicken coop so do not take it lightly. I recommend you read books or find a good blueprint online. The best ebooks (a book you buy online and then can print out or read on your computer) give you a lot of great ideas and step by step plans for a successful chicken coop.

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Chicken Coop Designs

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